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Creating a home or business with accessibility for people with disabilities or seniors in mind requires some serious planning. Not only do you want to welcome all customers to your business or make a senior or assisted living facility easy for the residents, you also need to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Add local building codes to those directives and you're facing a bit of a challenge.  We would be happy to speak to you in person about your project.  We can speak by phone at 321-637-8500 or you can request an estimate via email here.

Before you start your small business build out or residential remodel, you should take the following elements into consideration.

1. Consult with an Accessibility Remodeling Pro about the ADA

Like all government rules and regulations, understanding your construction obligations as a business owner or homeowner can seem tricky. Not every general contractor in Melbourne Fl or the Central Florida area has experience with ADA remodeling services. Before you start your build out, look for a general contractor who can work with you to assess your home, apartment complex, store, or office and help guide you toward a construction or remodeling plan that will satisfy your goals and the ADA, while respecting your budget.

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At Handypro of the Space Coast, we have the licensing and certifications needed to understand, pull permits and correctly implement any requirement of the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

2. Know Your Local Regulations Before You Build

Whether you bought your commercial property, or plan to enter a lease, you should design your build out around the provisions of your local construction and remodeling codes. You can avoid costly remodels by consulting an expert on these codes in the beginning. If leasing your business, you may face landlord-imposed restrictions to your accessibility plan. A knowledgeable general contractor can help you come up with a plan that meets everyone’s needs and will pass local inspection.  

3. Take Care of Your Customers

Naturally, making sure your business is easily accessible to everyone makes good business sense. When mapping out your facility, it's important to keep the following accessibility needs in mind for your patrons, not only for your profit potential but to properly comply with the provisions of the ADA.

 home remodeling for veterans

  • Install wide doors to permit entry by wheelchairs or other mobility devices
  • Install smooth transitions over thresholds for wheels, walkers, and crutches
  • Consider Aisle widths and space for mobility devices to maneuver safely
  • Consider the height of your counters or booths
  • Provide restrooms with wide doors, sufficient space, low sinks and grab bars
  • Provide van accessible parking space
  • Install ramps instead of stair steps
  • Consider accessible drinking fountains


At HandyPro, we understand your clientele of seniors and people with disabilities.  We also know your time as a business owner is valuable. We take pride in our ability to complete a project from start to finish in the most efficient manner possible.

4. Know Where to Start in a Commercial Residential Living Setting

Do you own a senior living, independent, assisted living, or skilled nursing facility but don’t know where to start? When planning to serve the elderly in a commercial residential setting, your greatest efforts for an accessibility remodel will be to start with:

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  • Widening narrow doorways
  • Removing bathtubs or installing walk-in tubs
  • Installing lifts for stairs
  • Permanent or temporary exterior ramps


P.S. these places are a great place to start for homeowners too!

5. Choose the Right General Contractor for the Job

As mentioned, be careful who you select for your project. Choosing a general contractor in Florida with knowledge of ADA rules and building codes will make all the difference come inspection time. HandyPro of the Space Coast is the foremost accessibility contractor serving the Merritt Island, Titusville, Melbourne and Palm Bay areas in Florida. We specialize in both commercial and residential services with years of experience in ADA and senior living remodels. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment for a consultation. We can ensure your facility is safe, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing.

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"With the installation of the stair lift Katie gained back some independence and we were able to function more like a family, first time since the accident. Your attention to our needs during this time was exceptional and your folks that worked in our home were skilled an respectful. We would recommend HandyPro to anyone who needs the many types of work you provide." - Dave & Linda S.

"Kenneth Cardenas did an outstanding job on my sliding glass door project. He is a pro." - Larry F

"Help!! My roof is leaking and dripping into my dining room!!!! I called several guys I know that have done some repairs for me in the past and was told I needed a new roof. They suggested I cover the roof with a blue tarp until I could get a new roof installed. Finally, I called Tom. He was there within two hours, made emergency repairs in drizzling rain, stopped the leak and came back later that week and made permanent repairs. Also told me I do not need a new roof now. Tom, I want to thank you and your company for the quick response and professional service work you provided to me. Excellent craftsmanship and wonderful clean-up. Bravo!" - Jane D.

"Thank you for the excellent job installing the new fence for us. HandyPro was not the cheapest bid we received but we trusted the way you presented the project over the other 3. The results are great and the attention to detail that you crew showed during the process, including clean up was surprising. The grass has grown in and the look of our backyard is more then we expected." - Jeanne F.

"Service was prompt and at my convenience. My contractor was able to make adjustments and avoid replacing my whole door." - Betty B.